Fast-forward 12 years, along with the support and push from my people, I'm here as a CEO/Founder and an entrepreneur. I'm on a mission to reignite that flame for copywriting and creative content. I'm pushing through the guilt and the constant imposter syndrome and creating a life and legacy that my children can be proud of too! UP Social Media Marketing is a diverse, inclusive, and ethical brand based on trust and purpose. Ready to help you and your business!

For over a decade, I poured my heart and soul (even my identity) into being a SAHM and wife. My whole life and purpose were ensuring my husband had the support he needed to keep climbing and that my kids were safe and nurtured. During those formidable years, I lost who I was as a person. I knew nothing else but "mother" and "wife." I had forgotten to take care of myself. I no longer knew who I was outside of those four people.



Building a brand is a crucial part of the story for businesses of all sizes and shapes. A brand goes further than a beautiful logo and business name. A brand builds trust with your dream clients and grows your profits and sales. Consistency and authenticity are crucial elements for building a brand people trust, and building a brand people come back to time and time again. A brand is how others see you, your voice, your logo, and everything else. So how do you differentiate yourself from the competition? Consistency, Clarity, and Character. And remember, there are no do-overs for first impressions.

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